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Cuteness & Mischief lie ahead. Beware of goats who will steal your heart, make you laugh & sometimes cry and will cause procrastination. Don’t say you haven`t been warned!
We are a small, 100% family owned and operated farm, located in Salem, CT. Here, you will find our diverse herd of dairy goats play, eat, sleep and cause mischief 24/7/365… You can even watch them give birth LIVE in the main barn aka Cassie`s Castle and watch the babies grow up! Watch the humans, Liz & Aaron, and their 4 children and many friends/visitors, stop in the barn to do chores, love all over the goats, feed treats and just hang out! Things get wacky around here so watch at your own risk and be ready to fall in love, cry & laugh right alongside the family.

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